Thursday, August 20, 2009

random thought #11

a few little thoughts
from my little head

**when im feelin' blue at work, i try to brighten my own day by skipping everywhere.
i generally sit for long periods of time, and thus going to the bathroom is the perfect break from the monotony of cubical life.
sure- your coworkers will think you are bizarre..but if your me, thats nothing new.
i assure you, if you begin to put some pep in ur step a smile is bound to come out.

**also- who started the rumor that girls dont poop?
im sick of that- whoevers perpetuating that shit (pun, completely intended) needs to cut it out. pooping, while often smelly and not an appropriate topic of discussion, is natural.
why the hatred?
its the only bodily function thats vilified. well i take that back- pooping, and for most people any sort of oozing as a result of a cut/wound. (i can actually hear people cringing with that one, haha)
but in all honesty, i love pooping more than most ladies like to admit.
its natural, healthy, and should be a-ok to chit chat about.

**and finally, before i dash off to the shower pre-work, i have to tell you all a story that was told to me today.
a good friend of mine, who i have mentioned on here before- was riding the metro last night. she was mugged and her bag was stolen.
thankfully she was just a bit shoken up, but on the whole, a-ok. but the real kicker was several times over she had to explain what was in her bag. you know how ladies are, carrying everything but the kitchen sink in their bags.
well for her- everything included her brand new strap-on, freshly used (she didnt admit that, but in my mind thats what she was doing before she was on the metro, perhaps im just a dreamer) nothing says FML like getting mugged, loosing all your shit, and now being weiner-wandless.

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  1. she seriously has some bad luck, poor girl.