Wednesday, August 5, 2009

lesbian do-si-do

swap your partner
lesbian do-si-do

as much as i wish i was referring to a gay version of the delicious girl scout cookies, i am indeed referring to lesbian relationships.

have you ever seen two girls swap girlfriends?
i have.
several times over.
and it never gets less weird for me.

granted i suppose its b/c of my 'archaic' belief that friends exes are off limits. i only say its archaic b/c it seems to be a dying ideal. not b/c our morals are shifting, but b/c our circles overlap CONSTANTLY.

i thought maybe it was just the DC lesbian community b/c there are only a handful of places that we all go to regularly so its a matter of time before we all run into each other and subsequently fall in love, but when i talk to my friends in b'more its no different.

its not uncommon for a steady relationship to be broken up by a lustful night, which turns into a great perhaps im set in my ways, but i always felt that if they are willing to cheat with you- they are willing to cheat on you. ive been cheated on physically and emotionally, and i suppose b/c i dealt with that so early in my dating career that it taught me how much power one welds over another in a relationship, and that honesty, respect, and dedication is paramount in any relationship.

and even completely removed from the whole 'cheating', 'relationship' issue- we all know women can be crazy sometimes, and often times have a difficult time expressing their true feelings (remember ladies, strength isnt about suppression, its about opening up and feeling everything in your life) its just insane how people switch it up so often.

i remember a time this happened to me.
i was talking with a young lady for a while, and as soon as things were done with us, she and my friend began hooking up. ill be honest, at first i was hurt. i felt betrayed by them both. but then i thought about it rationally and i felt as if i had no place to be mad. i ended things with said girl, and the chick she was poking was a longterm friend of mine. i had to let it go.

but this 'do-si-do' act happens all the time.
are there really so few lesbians out there that we all have to sleep together?
perhaps our libidos are just so incredibly high that we feel the need to hump all ladies?
lol, well i highly doubt that.

but what i know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that i will until my dying day believe that all women have hearts of gold- and that no one ever intentionally hurts anyone else. and if they do, they are hurting themselves and are in need of a big ol' hug from ashley.
(note: my hugs are fuckin' bangin!)

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