Tuesday, August 11, 2009

chocolate city, usa

welcome to washington, dc
the chocolate city

we lost that title somehow. im sure it had something to do with being 'politically correct' as not to 'offend anyone'...but a fact is a fact. dc is made up of over 50% black people. so it not exactly out of line to call us, the chocolate city.

alright- as a white girl, maybe i cant be the person who spearheads this campaign, but for sake of THIS blog, lets just say that everyone knows that washington, dc is the chocolate city.
moving on.

so i try to spice up my life every now and again, by stepping outside of my comfort zone and looking to new horizons for visual pleasures. i mostly do this b/c im curious. i know i like certain types of starlets (daddy issues, red hair, hypersexual, addictive personality. read: lindsay lohan) but i CAN be attracted to others.

i found out recently that some sistas are looking good, damn good.
admittedly, i found this fact out by clicking the wrong porn link. but the ladies i saw were tone, and chocolaty. doesnt hurt that im a boobs and booty girl, and i dont think i need to reiterate any preexisting notions of black womens dumpers to let you know these women had some TURD CUTTERS.

i need to start a new paragraph just so marvel at the magnificence of a black girl booty. good lord, their bodies alone are put together in this beautiful, bubbly, soft yet hard way. now, i understand im making broad general statements, and generalizing people is WRONG, but im also objectifying women right now, so i think that most rules of cooth are out the window at this point. black women- bless you. your shapes are devine, but those fannies. oh man, its like i took a wad of playdoh, rolled it into a ball, then threw it up against a wall. it just sits there, as if to defy gravity and blow my mind constantly.
SO- i tip my hat to 55% of the DC population, well i suppose less than that, b/c my hat tip is only to the ladies. regardless, women of color- i salute you and am humbled by your beauty.

since im on the topic of dc, guess whos in the news again. my favorite lil fella, former mayor marion barry. ive spoken of him before on my blog, but he is always doing something new that has me thinking of him often.

the man has the PR team that rivals that of lilo and britney. you know they work HARD for their money, trying to constantly put a positive spin on their employers latest 'slip-up'. its beyond me, that a man who has steadily slipped downhill, still manages to hold a public office- and now, has an HBO special dedicated to him.

yah- a whole fucking SPECIAL! nine lives indeed- this man is superman. if superman smoked crack, hired/fired/gave money under the table to/allegedly stalked his ex girlfriend.
now, im selling him short. i will defend his earlier career. he was a tremendous advocate for civil rights, and rubbed arms with MLK jr back in the day. i understand what he DID, its that hes done so much worse now, and hes still idolized in a way.

when he was elected as dc council member it was laughable, at best; disheartening, at worst. why? b/c it proves how uneducated the voter must truly be. (for those who are unaware, the DC council is the equivalent to state senates. its the local legislative body...not exactly a slack job) and yet, this man who embarrassed dc once before, when 'the bitch set him up', has somehow gotten another job b/c of the people.

i suppose hes the ultimate american dream story.
really ashley? really? american dream right now?
of COURSE! this is why im obsessed with him. this man, paid his debt to society. he was a decent mayor, then got set up by the FBI and did his 6 months like any other crackhead in dc. he did tremendous things with his life when he was younger, and we forgive him. we look past everything, and reelect him. why? not b/c he actually is going to do a good job. hes made it clear that since his days involved in activism he has changed. he has made a constant mockery of himself by getting involved in shady situations.

we forgive him for past transgressions, embarrassments, and harassment/stalking charges b/c we just plain LIKE THE FELLA.

thats something to work towards.

but i will still roll my eyes every time barry pops up in the news with some new crazy outlandish story, but unlike with my princess lilo, i will not store the thoughts of marion barry away in a lil mind vault called 'alone time'.

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