Wednesday, July 22, 2009

adiós to a stereotype; paying homage to jilly

dead dogs.
meh, i couldn't think of anything wittier

mark your calendars ladies, for this truly is a date that lives in infamy.

gidget, of taco bell fame, was put down on tuesday...she had a massive stroke and had to be put down.

blogs all across the world are all a buzz with gidget. why?
b/c she was adorable? meh. ill abstain from going into the debate that id LIKE to have about how- yes the dog was great, but did prove to reinforce mexican stereotypes.

a dog that we should be remembering is chi-chi rodriguez hannes. my best friend jill's, former soulmate.

first- let me tell you a bit about good ol' jilldo.
simply, she is my souls recognition of its counterpart (10 points for wedding crashers reference) we knew of eachother in middle school, but she was way too cool to hang out with me...

SIDE STORY- middle school was arguably some of my most awkward times. and i dont mean awkward in an adorable way. im talking sans boobs, style, and corrective contact lenses. ok- thats a lie, ive always been stylin'! but really. i had not only braces, but the kind with the criss-cross'd rubber bands. my first and only brush with a blind date happend in 7th grade. a girl who i was smitten with wanted to set me up on a date with a boy in my history class. still trying to hold on to heterosexuality i agreed. all he knew was that he was going to go on a date with 'ashley' after school. in history that day we were watching a video of speeches for our class elections. i was running for treasurer. as soon as my face came on, coupled with my name- my blind date shouted out 'oh HAYELLL NO. uh-uhh NOT HER GUYS! gross!' i then turned around, smiled sheepishly, and said 'hey drew.'

...but when high school came around, jill and i were inseparable. we were the cheerleaders that left everyone scratching their heads. 'seriously, how in the world did they make the squad. they are goofy, spastic, and are on their own world' ahhh yes we were, and life was beautiful. jill is that best friend, that you can bend over and ask her to check out an ass freckle to make sure its not cancer.

unfortunately jill and i have miles that separate us regularly. currently shes in texas, but a few months ago, she was in new york, and before that- my utopia- san fransisco.

but back to chi-chi.
jill has had a
dopesick love for this dog ever since i can remember. i say dope sick only b/c everyone else regarded the dog as the spawn of satan.

dont get me wrong- chi-chi was the most perfect looking creature i've ever seen, however as far as manners are concerned, he was sorely lacking.

so why chi-chi? why honor his death over gidgets?

well- jilly has been having a rough few weeks. she is my dearest and oldest friend. and i feel that i, selfishly, was more consumed with my own problems than being there for her.

i know that sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives we forget our friends and lovers. i as of late went through a painful, beautiful, very lonely journey and i admit that i kept to myself during that time...which is a-typical of me. so to jill- i want you to know that i love you with all my heart. you are the single most beautiful soul i have ever encountered, and i hope that we live out the rest of our lives hand in hand- or if the universe should separate us physically, may we never be apart in our hearts.

in summation, jill deserves our moment of silence today, b/c the beloved chi chi was taken from us too soon (last year, in the winter i do believe) and most of all- its my blog and i will devote a post to my best friend, and her chichi and gidget as well, if i damn well please!

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