Friday, July 17, 2009

random thought #5

friday shitshow plans
moo's and marianas bday

i received an e-vite last week to my friends combined 25th birthday party- which is tonight.
they made it very straight forward in why it was a party 'not to be missed'. i thought id share some of the highlights gathered from the e-vite and the facebook event page...
"Here is the deal people:
Strippers, Kegs, Girls, Liquor Louge, Girls, DJ, Dancing, Food, Girls, Beer pong, Flip Cup, Girls, And other fun surprises you have to go to see ;)"

"You had me at oil wrestling and strippers, the bonus will be giving lap dances to the birthday girls *wink* wink* i might bring my roommate!!!"

"*You get to celebrate our quarter century with us! :) (should be reason enough for you to get your fine us over there) but if it isn't...
*Hula hoop contest among other games(gotta chug a beer while doing it!)
*Good 'ole beer pong and flip cup
*Lots of eye candy. Lots. Our friends are sizzling.
*Kegs! You are more than welcome to bring some booze to keep the party going 'til the am. Won't go to waste. Promise.
*Would you be down for some oil wrestling? let us know so we can arrange that!"
did i mention that the invite list, at last check, topped 200? this is a modest town home!! granted, this is also the house affectionately called 'the lesbian frat house'. where all the parties are thrown. where all the pre-gaming happens. where everyone crashes. and where everyone makes regrettable life choices!!

needless to say im thrilled that i will be attending this shit show, and i hope something fun* happens.
*and by 'fun' i mean something that can top the last big party there (my birthday).

let me paint you a picture- a townhouse full of lesbians who are f'd up off one thing or another...i went to take a 'breather' and that turned into me falling asleep at my own party (AGAIN) at 1230. but what made it great was that the house is small enough that the portions of the party eventually popped in to say hi. which was lovely. i even saw a stranger pull up my blanket and tuck me in!!

this party has big shoes to fill. after my party the ambulance was called, and a urine filled morning was had by all. =) nothing but class. haha one lesbro friend of ours decided to walk home (just a modest 10 mile jaunt at 3am, no biggie) and passes out in a random neighbors yard. started shivering b/c at 4am dew sets in and it can get a lil chilly willy. so now hes convulsing in this persons yard, the person calls the ambulance, he goes to the hospital but is still too drunk to say 'im just wasted, im not having a seizure, im not epileptic!' they try to give him an MIR but he finally says 'im drunk'. they give him fluids and he comes back the next morning when we all are getting up and hes not at all hungover. lovely.

the urine- well, thats a story for another time =)

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