Tuesday, July 14, 2009

random thought #3

i find myself asking this often, 'when is it too soon to joke?'
i personally always come to the same conclusion- its NEVER too soon.
although, that always backfires b/c i live in the washington, dc area- aka the 'political correctness capital'.

back in september of 06, it was curtains for one famous crocodile hunter. and i, always wanting to show the utmost level of respect, felt it would be appropriate and fun to pay homage to him at a pre-halloween party. the theme was 'fallen heros' so steve irwin was the obv choice! look how fun i was! i REALLY commit to themed parties. none of this 'half ass' shit...none of this 'oh god, i have to look really good'. no- i want to look terrifying. i want to seem as NOT sexy as possible. i will color on my face with magic marker if need be. i think that its more of a skill to not be slutty at halloween. so i dress in bizarre outfits. lamp. 80s night. spiderman. cowboy. dino attack victim. haha as you can see- i love a good reason to wear a costume.

so i pose the question to you.
is it too soon for 'zombie michael jackson' costume?
agh...don't say yes.
i totally know its abhorrent at best but god, what i wouldnt give to be zombie mj- and dream amongst dreams? to be zombie MJ cast in the title role of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR...perhaps thats just a me thing, but the explosion of color, glitter, and of COURSE the dance numbers would be too much to pass up.

ill wait and ask again in october.
maybe it will be ok then.

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