Thursday, July 23, 2009

the legend of the lesbian unicorn

there's nothing i love more than dinosaurs or unicorns
thus, any excuse to talk about them, i shall jump on
gather round young lesbots-

let me tell you a tale of the mystical 'lesbian unicorn'...

shes a beautiful creature. everyone speaks of her in such high esteem. she's absolutely flawless- inside and out. not only are you in love with her, but you want to be like her. she handles herself with such composure at all times. she is true to herself and, in your eyes, can do no wrong. shes so witty, and gorgeous but most of all-

shes so much fun to be around, every time you all go out- in a group setting or otherwise you are in awe of just how great a single person can be.

and when she is not near- you feel it. that nagging feeling of 'im sure
she would love to be here', 'if so-n-so was here, man oh man! we would be having a blast.'

we have all been there- 'longing to touch the untouchable' first i thought it was just me who had a brush with a lesbian unicorn, but after much discussion with my friends i find we all have similar stories of 'the one that got away' or 'the one i left, but still loved' or my personal favorite 'my best friend who i have been in love with for years, and the feelings not returned'.

the main thing about a unicorn is that they are better as a dream. you know rationally it would never work out, but its fun to see this girl from time to time and go 'yes- thats where i live in my fantasy world.'

but living in a dream-world, and living in a fantasy-world are two different things. i choose to live in a dream-world, and thus everyday is more beautiful, dynamic and magical than the last...but a fantasy-world, well, personally i dont think its healthy to stay there too long. you loose sight of whats real.

or- you really luck out, and you finally capture the unicorn, you harness the dream and live happily ever after ;-)


  1. In my magical world, Amy Adams is in a Disney princess dress singing to me in a public park. Our eyes meet and we fall in love.

    Love your blog.

    My roommate and I have a blog about dating - one lesbian and one straight girl. Follow us?

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