Monday, July 27, 2009

|:| weekend wrap up |:|

weekend of reflection
aka: i was beyond lazy this weekend,
but 'reflection' sounds more intellectually stimulating.

im sure your weekend was full of fun, and debauchery. but in my little life i like to reward myself time and again with what i affectionately call, 'doing jack shit, and loving it'. the photo above was from months ago...but i felt it was fun, and also- was eye catching. it says 'look how much fun i had this weekend, going crazy at da club'. but alas, i staid in all weekend with DJO and watch all of the true bloods- again.

you may have had a weekend like this recently. honestly- everyone has had one or two, difference is that most people accidentally stumble across a weekend where they have little to do and thus do just that. its a combination of lack of planning, and/or things falling though...but for me, i chose to do little this weekend. i wanted to just sit on the couch and chill out with my lady and thats just what i did.

now, as fun as that was- its making 'blogging about my weekend activities' a little bit difficult.
as my 'activies' were primaraly napping and sitting.

i did think alot this weekend. thats one thing i got on lock- and with my overactive imagination, and mind as a whole- i never stop thinking.
and as i was, here are some things that popped into my head...
  • what does it matter if mj's kids werent his? why does the media care- even if they werent, and he adopted, no ones givin angie and bradums this shit.
  • in true blood, why did sam choose to be the collie? id choose something more a brontosaurus.
  • my obsession with dinos is unbecoming. some might even say its an 'unattractive quality' of mine..dare i say 'too much'..but i love those crazy fellas.
  • how come we can land on the moon, but i still have no idea what animals are saying? where is the REAL progress.
  • i gots me a new phone!! and b/c i personaify everything im livid that i have have yet to name the new lil one.
  • the song 'we shall overcome'...not a remix, not something new- i am in fact referring to the spiritual song about overcoming slavery. i cannot get it out of my head, and its not even as if its an appropriate song for my life right now. and its doubly inappropriate to 'sing it out' to try and clear it from my head. stuck in there, going on 2 days now.
  • if i could shoot glitter out of my fingertips, upon entrance into any party i would throw up my hands and have the greatest moment of my life- weekly.
  • what would owls sound like if they talked? all i can think of is the tootsie roll talking owl...
  • lesbians really are the superior race: our STD rates are dramatically lower than that of our hetero counterparts; women are hotter naked; we can produce life sans wiener; women are hotter clothed; the perfect boobs/vag combo; women are just plain better.
  • if i were a boy, im pretty sure i would be gay. and be a twink. but a fun one. also- ideally id like the name 'brayden'...but realisticly id have something just as vanilla as ashley- my parents planned for a boy, ryan michael...out popped lil ashbash instead. (dont get emo on me now...starting off the life as a disappointment only means that you have nowhere to go but UP! man, im such an optimist its unreal)
  • sometimes i think everyone is gay
that was a fun peek into my mind.
or it solidified your thoughts of 'bitch is crazy'...either way- have a great monday!

oh good- now i have manic monday stuck in my least its not an old southern hymn.
alright- gonna sing yall out-
its just another manic monday...woahh oohh ohhhh. i wish it was sunday, ooohhh oohhh, my 'i dont hafta run day'. its just another manic mondayy

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