Monday, July 13, 2009

random thought #1

perhaps less 'slang',
and more just, 'words i say often'

  1. lesbifriend- (1) a friend of a lesbian, who is in fact herself a lesbian. they do not complicate their relationship by ever- i must stress EVER- be physical in any way shape or form (including but not limited to; spin the bottle, drunk emo convo turns tears turns awkward kiss of comfort, blackout night followed by naked spooning next day, seeing eachother naked at all for fear of sexual arousal)(2) thing a lesbian says to her fun hetero girlfriends as a witty play on words, i.e. 'hey katie, lesbifriends?! get it? LEZ B FRIENDS? AND IM GAY'

  2. lesbro- a hetero male who is a fantastic friend to the lesbian circle. always down to chill and play beer pong, gets rowdy if need be, but hes also gentlemen enough to try and step up and always be down to battle for his girls. but he knows, any day of the week, almost all of them could kick his ass, and the other one, (read: me) would write him a strongly worded e-mailed, with a witty twist at the end

  3. minute- oh god, this one kills me. does not mean a minute, stress: DOES NOT MEAN A MINUTE AT ALL, IN FACT THE OPPOSITIE IS TRUE. fo' real it annoys me so much when i hear this, and yet- i will admit, i too have fallen pray to the ever popular, 'wow- its been a minute since ive seen you!' agh, i roll my eyes in disgust at myself, then hang my own head in shame and saunter away.

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