Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just a little tuesday tidbit

not enlightning.
not profound.
just a tid bit

im in the process of catching a cold- for which i can thank my boss who is now so sick and still coming to work that hes at the complaining stage.
you know when someone HAS to come in, and now they are just being an ol' bitter bag of germs. im sure if you are in an office you have heard that person who coughs loudly, sniffs so much you think its lilo back there in the cubical with 'em, and they love- LOVE to sigh heavily and go into great detail of their illness when you say an innocuous remark such as 'how are you'.

point being- im sneezing a lot.
and i sneezed so hard today that i hit my face on my car door.
it would have been ok, but then i stood their for a second and i reflected. lemme paint the picture for you b/c trust- it was amazing.
me, standing next to my precious pt cruiser walter, hand full of snot, face covered in sneeze spit (you know the kind thats a bit thick, but not snot- mostly just spity projectile), now a giant red mark that just JUMPS off my lily white face.
i hung my head in shame saying, well- i least i wore the teal pants today...and for that reason alone- my day is salvageable.

look at my fun pants today!!

also- lets not judge me, and the cleanliness of my room. im a creative soul and i just bought a lot of craft supplies this week.
not that buying new supplies gives me license to not clean my room, but when crafts are involved- i prioritize.

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